A blind man was once sitting on the side of the pavement, with his little tin can outstretched for the generosity of his fellow man. His sign written by a helping hand read “ I am blind, Please help me”.


He heard the foot steps of many passerbys, but did not hear the jingle of change into his begging bowl. He waited for many hours with plenty of people ignoring him, his can empty. A young girl came upon this poor soul, and read his sign. She flipped it over and began to write a different slogan. She gently placed it down next to him and left. He could only hear the bustling of her work but could not do anything due to his disability.


But an interesting happened. Suddenly more and more people started to place currency into his can to which surprised him. He put his hand into the jar only to find it full. He was in tears of joy. The girl returned to him, and upon hearing her unique tapping of her shoes he recognized her. He asked: “What did you do to my sign?”


To which she replied in a soft voice: “ I rewrote it. Same message, different words” And she told him what she had neatly printed in big letters.




What is the lesson here? We each are trying to communicate with one another to the best of our abilities in any moment. Some of us cannot get the message across due to our own barriers. Yet it is up to each of us to be patient to listen to what the other person is trying to say. For it is in this message between souls that we can find the truth and we can witness another being with compassion and love.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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