As the world awoke to the news of the famous Francis key Bridge collapse, everyone was in disbelief of how this could have happened. I certainly was.


Our hearts go out to the residents of Baltimore as they face this terrible tragedy, especially to those families who unexpectedly lost loved ones.


As I viewed countless videos of the crash I saw something quite unique from my vantage point..


The one truck that whizzed by that presumably reached the other side just before the ship collided and the bridge came tumbling down.


And that’s when it hit me. The word unexpectedly.


Each of us travel our day with a certain set of goals and ideas and plans. We think we are immortal for the finite part of our day before we rest. But yet we are never sure but can never predict what may happen UNEXPECTEDLY that may suddenly change the course of Our Lives.


I am somebody who makes a list every day of things to do, things to read, things to write, places to go etc. And I check off my list of seemingly endless chores be they in whatever category of home, work or personal conquests.


Needless to say as we get bolder with our lists mentally or physically and complete them, we may feel the confidence that we are able to achieve more and more as is the natural state of our evolution. Yet all it takes is that one event to derail our list and change the course of our destiny


If we always live by looking at our history we may realize one day that we have forgotten to live by the present moment because the past is already gone in the future is not yet written or is it?


It was not destined for that person driving that truck to die that night and they barely missed the window of opportunity. Who knows when their time will come, and for those that did perish during the accident, I am quite sure that dying was not part of their living list that day


Each day is a gift… each moment is a celebration, rise to it.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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