Well it is still technically my birthday month so I am still basking in its radiance.


I have had the beautiful opportunity of contemplation of my life as I turned the corner to another revolution round the sun earlier this month. As I inched to that day of my birth all those decades ago, I started to feel dejected. I compared myself to how and what I thought my life should have been. Long ago, I was convinced that I was going to be someone else by this time. That did not happen. I thought I would be living somewhere else. That did not happen. I thought I would be doing something else. That did not happen.


So I initiated my path around my star feeling a little melancholic in my thoughts. Yet the universe is eternally supportive and allowed me to ride my ebbs and flows of my emotions to arrive at a different point enlightenment. I reached a unique conclusion as my cells and bones pulsed with new found resiliency.


I understood many truths.


I am exactly WHERE I am meant to be. Right here.


I am exactly WHO I am meant to be. A harbinger.


I am exactly WHY I am meant to be. To help humanity awaken.


I am exactly WHAT I am meant to be. A healer.


I am exactly HOW I am meant to be. This body.


I am exactly WHEN I am meant to be. Now in this moment.


Each of us are uniquely destined as “hands” of divine consciousness to awaken ourselves to it ALL. None of us are broken. None of us need fixing. Each of us are invited to explore the depths of our infinite collective heart space, and express that truth in living matter. We are existence and universal consciousness synchronously being played harmoniously on the cosmic harp that resides within the Divine heart.


Each of us are exactly where, who, why, what, when and how we are created to BE, fulfilling a role in the orchestra of life.


It is not just one day to enjoy the arrival of us into the world, but an opportunity to explore our entire existence.


Life is a celebration, rise to it.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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