Moon phases and their impacts


Welcome back to the grind of inner work and self realization and self empowerment. As always I am here to help you.


I realized I talk alot about the full moon, yet haven’t discussed about the other moon phases. It’s not all about the full moon making people all emotional, or turn animals crazy and fillup the police stations or the hospitals with insanity. The other phases have a lot to do with the processing of emotions and the issues within.


The New moon


Time for fresh starts. Tides and us are similar. Both made out of water and so the moon is able to effect the gravitational tug in you by raising your awareness for optimism and renewed strength to begin new projects. Plan out projects, relationships and your month.


The Waxing moon


The energy of the growing new moon increases to allow transformations that are more long term to emerge. Creativity is abundant as it builds up inspiration and allows projects to be more streamlined.


The Full moon


the push and then drive with full strength and courage are strongest at this time of the cycle. If one is not ready to harness the energy it can lay you waste and push you over.. hence police and hospitals get filled with bad outcomes. Unprepared, unchecked, dont let this phase tear you down but bring you up. Some say it is aggressive. Possible but channel this energy to your advantage and not getting into unnecessary charged arguments.


The Waning Moon


Smaller and smaller it gets, and allows the expulsion of the wasteful and enables the process of release. Drop anything that doesn’t serve your highest purpose. Clear up the night air of negative emotions, thoughts.


The Dark moon


The invisible moon is rest and recharge. Sleep earlier, extra meditation, be quiet. Think, feel and allow your inner wisdom to guide you.


Always a good idea to start penning your thoughts and letting things go with meditation or discussing things out in the open.


This year is in full swing with plenty of resolutions to make and break. Choice is yours


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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