At 2am EDT we had the great reset


Yes.. the clocks sprung forward and we ” lost an hour”


An Interesting concept created by Benjamin Franklin with probably the purpose to allow farmers to have more daylight to do their chores


However some believe that it was so that industrial workers can stay working earlier and longer.. which would lead to profit..


Either way to each their own


Many took the opportunity to stay in bed….


Some were frustrated with the loss of the extra hour and felt unrested in order to get up earlier and exercise or read or meditate or do more self care..


It is amazing how we use time to manipulate our day..


Coffee time..lunch time…work time… exercise time….sleep time… etc


We become regimental in our structure beholden to the illusion of time and subsequently become its prisoners..


Then someday we chase time.. we feel it’s too fast and we are running out of it… usually when we are not staying balanced and inspired….


When we keep chasing time.. it feels hard and burdensome… it may have the sensation of being heavy like gravity


Doing a boring chore seems to take “forever” or doing something fun seems to be over before it started…


Then there are other days when we are with those we love and spending time with friends we care about or doing something inspiring then the actual time may be short but the perception is that of infinity


The mind with its endless judgements navigates through the fields of perceptions… yet it is the open heart that can tell the true passage of time….. simply put… that there is none.


Time is how the mind creates control in the manifest world so we understand where we are.


The heart KNOWS who we are and why we are here and requires no time


Engagement WITHIN the heart space breaks these illusions


Communication to each other FROM the heart space transcends time and space


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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