Ever wondered what is the difference between intelligence and being intellectual? We use them synonymously, yet they cannot be more poles apart in meaning and usage.


Intellect is the ability to manipulate knowledge with the skills of reading, writing and speaking. It is entirely a mind born trait. Intelligence however is an experiential state of being that originates from the heart space. As a fundamental observation, the more intellectual a person, the less intelligent they are, as the energies are spent more in the brain and less in the heart space. Intelligence is possible without the use of the mind. It is in its nature to be able to observe the universe from the whole heart rather than through the myopic lens of the mind that changes how we engage with the world.


Natural intelligence is found through the movement of the body and via self expression. We become more intelligent as adults yet forget our innocent intelligence created when we were children. The modern schooling system focuses on layered memorization of facts, yet intelligence invites us to become unschooled in the systems. The more the heart opens the less sedated we become and so open our intelligence.


As the world evolves we are asked to feel more and think less, as the world devolves we are required to think more and feel less. To understand this concept further, imagine observing a tree. The intellect sees the trunk, the spiny branches, leaves and roots. Yet the intelligence feels the aura of the tree, its aliveness, its breath, its voice as the whole of the tree is taken into the observers’s heart space as the seer and the seen merge into one.


Intelligence recognizes intelligence. Intellect envies intellect. Intelligence holds the void for the intellect to catch up. When we travel from top down, from the mind to the heart, we stop asking questions, instead simply open the answers that are already there in the field. Intellect is not a bad thing as long as it is used in the service of intelligence. The intellect explores the mysteries of the universe, yet the intelligence knows that it is the universe in existence.


If the intellect represents the words of mortal speech, then intelligence is the language of immortal light. We are innately gifted with the latter, and it is wise to foster this magic throughout our lives. It is with intelligence that we discover the fabric of the cosmos as love, it is with the intellect all we see are the celestial objects in a grand cluster of chaos.


Intellect is the voice of the mind, intelligence is the silence of the heart. Only one sings the song of love.



I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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