There are very few things in the world that affect everybody at the same time


Weather calamities.


Global financial crisis


Alien invasions


Solar flares


And social media blackouts that prevent us from staying distracted in our daily lives and work flows


Like a bolt from the blue we were torn from the womb of the internet and I am quite sure that each of us tried to log in on multiple devices just in case there was a problem with the device that we were on, in order for us to get back into our social media Matrix


Like abandoned sailors off a sinking ship we may have scurried to find the shores of sanity to understand WHAT HAPPENED TO MY SOCIAL MEDIA APP !!


Such is the nature of addiction that most of us face on a daily basis. It is part of our routine or is it not?


A Cup of coffee, take a poop, watch the news, scroll the social media platforms and move on with our day… family life, work life, home life… rinse and repeat


So Insidious is our addiction that we don’t even realize its effects until we are temporarily disconnected.


Imagine if the same thing happened and we could not get a cup of coffee in the morning. Worldwide Madness would ensue


Our nerve endings were on fire as they reached out to out virtual keyboards in a desperate attempt to connect.


I felt it too. The sweaty brow, the elevated heart rate, the quickened breathing as I looped from login to login , knocking on the doors of the apps to be let back in. Till my heart calmed me down and granted me passage back on to the rhythm of life.


But yet being unplugged has its benefits to be able to raise our eyes beyond our device and look around us or perhaps go outside and take a breath of fresh air


It is in this pause that we are afforded a mental reset from the little screen infront of us. To become unglued long enough to feel our cells in our body.


Hope you all have recovered from this “traumatic” event and before you jump back into the digital void, can breathe a little easier that life did continue and can flow effortlessly without the constant connectedness.


To feel that it is OKAY to live outside of the Electronic networks and ask ourselves ” what do I want for me today?”


We were all impacted by this, albeit for a short time, and at least in this experience each of us were connected to our own EM fields and to each others. It was a joint venture of spiritual connectivity and not digital harmony.


We were invited to think for ourselves without the influence of the world’s opinion at our fingertips.


As i experienced the event, it was a startling joke not to be able to help and write and teach through these platforms… it felt like a part of me was cut away, to not be able to able to share knowledge. Personally for me, Social media is not about browsing and wasting time, but a concerted effort to connect to people who want to improve their potential and lead through wellness more empowered lives.


Mother Nature will continue to keep doing what she usually does and the globe will continue to keep rotating. Life has no stopped, only our link to a false world was disrupted.


Learn to become a human BEing again.. it is your birthright.




I love you



Author: Brown Knight

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