When we do not heal or dissolve in our psyche that which is experienced through grief, loss, or pain and restored back to the equilibrium of the heart , it remains on the up or down swing of the pendulum. It is only at zero point that we are balanced and we can afford to see the stillness as the wisdom we seek.


It is not that the up must negate the down, or by being positive will negate the negative. It is not that even the blowing through the center point that gives us the relief.


It is when we have not owned that which we choose to not see, it returns back to us to be healed through ever increasing life challenges.


We honor our journey by recognizing all parts of our selves as not missing, but simply parts of us that are being effected differently through time and space. We are these parts and the whole at the same instant, and understanding this is the moment when we uncover the secret of the experience.


It is the zero point in all experiences where the cosmic integration of love marries our mind and body that births heart space. To open this to the world is the greatest gift we can offer humanity and each other. But above all it is the greatest gift we offer ourselves.


I love you


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Author: Brown Knight

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