Welcome to the magic of the February snow full Moon.


It is the time of intense periodic change and transition as the weather becomes unpredictable glistening with bright sunshine and snowy cloudy days.


It was so named due to the snow covered landscapes that were witnessed by the ancient people during this time. This cold dark month was also a time for Renewal and energy.


Native American tribes used to call this time the ice Moon the hunger moon and the cleansing Moon as well.


It is potent time as a wave of spiritual energy allows us to reset and reevaluate our lives and a chance to leave behind the past and Forge forward with a sense of purpose hope, Illuminating new dreams and possibilities


There’s a Time to listen to the messenger within as we are clearing and cleansing the Deep winter Energies that have kept us dormant, holding us back from our true potential


There’s a time for us to log all our tiny changes so they may begin to culminate with momentum in the next phase bringing about drastic progression to our soul purpose.


In the heart of the Winter’s Stillness this beautiful snow Moon invites us to embark on a journey within just as the snow covered landscapes display a silent hush we are invited to use that same quietude of introspection to look past our vulnerabilities and our imperfections and harness the courage to spring forward with poise.


A simple ritual is to collect some of the snow into a cup and light a candle and sit quietly with both hands on the container imagining your goals and intentions flowing into the water in the serenity of the space that you have created.


May the magic of the snow Moon bring you the love that you seek in all its forms.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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