There are 3 phrases that people generally have a hard time uttering. I spent sometime contemplating them, thought I would share.


“ I was wrong”


Admission of the mind is not something that we do well. Especially in the negative light. We are quite familiar with “ I was right”, as it gives us a sense of false security and superiority that craves importance and definition. But to say the opposite comes with a feeling of surrender. Yet not in a sense of defeat, rather an emotion of awareness and affording the space to bring in the next phase. “ I was wrong” is certainly not a shadow frequency but a gift. It carries the energy of deconstruction of the old to make way for the new. It sustains the frequency of looking up from the rock bottom of the well of the mind’s despair.


“ I need help”.


The mind speaks out loud. It is a submission, a readiness to explore new beginnings with a willingness to endure the consequences of the journey about to be embarked upon. Once uttered, it opens the floods gates for assistance to be welcomed in all its forms. It rides the wave of desperation with an outstretched hand on the buoy of hope. The energy of these words is an invitation for the divine to step in to touch the heart. The mind realizes its limitations and steps up to responsibility and self accountability. It can see the dark nature of its own self defeating addictions and chooses perhaps for the first time to free itself from its own painful cycle.


“ I love you”


These 3 little words are all from the heart space. They act like an emotional black hole for embracing the guilt, the shame, the pride, the infatuation, the resentment and all of the oscillations that lie in between the pendulum swing of the mind’s chaotic seas. It swings the door of love wide open. It is an energy of renewal that is resigned in a state of balance. It allows the vibrations of vulnerability to smash its former tundra. It bows to the field of another being, allowing entry to its most secret of places concealed within the chambers of the heart.


The cycle begins anew yet at a higher frequency of evolution not revolution of the same old habit patterns. It envibes an unconditional wisdom in the moment. The body buzzes with an embodied energy of love. “ I love you “ is a complete sentence. In its essence it does not require a reply, as it is not a question. It is an offering of self intimacy unto itSelf.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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