Met a lovely 79 year old gentleman the other day for his bi yearly visit. We had a long discussion about his new adventures and hobbies. He told me all about his work that he did for decades and then when he finally decided to retire, he wanted to make sure he was fit enough to handle his golden years.


Every day he focuses on 2 to 3mile walks and he goes to the gym five times a week to do strength training exercises. He helps his wife with all the house chores and even spends time cultivating his wood working hobby that he loves. He enjoys time with his grand kids.


“Doc you are gonna love this… I meditate every day !” He informs me with a glimmer in his eye. “ I practice the gratitude journaling you taught me every day and I do all those breathing exercises you demonstrated to me last year, I love them.”


I was thrilled at listening to his very active lifestyle. “ You certainly are living an inspiring life my friend” I replied.


“ Indeed, I dont have time to play dead, that will come when it comes, in the meantime I have a lot of living to do”.


“ The clarity of your vision is directly proportional to your longevity and vitality” I retorted.


We chatted some more and it was time to leave. He shook my hand with a firm grasp, and then brought me in close. He looked me straight in the eye in a serious tone he said “ Doc I am slaying at this game of life”.


He let out a big belly laugh, as did I and I exited him out of the room.


“ Till next year Mr C” I yelled as he reached the end of the corridor.


He turned and replied “ You can count on it.”


Focus on your health it will serve you well in the long run. Focus on your vision, your purpose will keep you healthy and full of life. Focus on your heart, you will attract the best experiences and people each day.




I love you


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Author: Brown Knight

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