Yesterday was an exciting transformative day as I presented the first Masterclass of 2024


“The Rise and Fall of Blood Pressure” by your holistic heart doctor


Heartfelt gratitude to all the attendees for their participation.


We had a diverse group of learners from many parts of the globe


We discussed many topics:


-Understanding Blood pressure

-explaining the causes of high and low blood pressure

– symptoms of blood pressure


Then we took a deep dive into the treatment of hypertension BEYOND THE PILL


we explored almost 20 different alternative modalities of treatment to help with blood pressure management and the scientific evidence behind each one


We merged traditional medicine And metaphysics as we understood a functional and integrative medical approach to this chronic and widely impacting disease state. Quantum biology!!


Getting ready for the next masterclass for February coming soon… stay tuned


If you are still interested there is a video recording of this 3 hour lecture with guided meditation at the end available for purchase for a limited time for 2 weeks


Looking forward to sharing More wisdom with the world each day


Blessings of love, light and wisdom


Dr Nitin Bhatnagar


I love you


Ps please goto my YouTube channel and view more informative videos and subscribe, thank you

Author: Brown Knight

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