Welcome to the first full moon of 2024


The energetics of this full moon is tantalizing with the understanding it is time to be looking within ourselves to explore the qualities and gifts that we possess. The transformative nature of this magic allows us to release our outdated beliefs and bringing new ideologies infusing it into our new year.


Traditionally is known as the wolf Moon because it is the beginning of the wolf mating season. When can hear their howling amid the cold and deep Snows of winter. Wolves are known for their powerful great resolved brought about by their unique evolutionary social behaviors.


The first full moon of 2024 allows us to Purge all the tendrils of 2023 and give us the opportunity to reset with clarity of thought and create the space for the future that we wish to create and appropriately planning the next 11 months.


Intuitively we are always looking for joy to infuse in our daily lives but it is a simple choice that we are asked to look for and appreciate. We are usually so busy in our lives that we forget the Pleasures in simplicity which once harnessed become the Bedrock of building inspiring lives


This phase of the lunar cycle is always an exciting time though sometimes mentally and emotionally tumultuous as we are invited to dive deeper to find our hidden Passions. At times it might be wise to explore Our Roots and what our inner child is calling out for us to heal.


For when we were children life was simpler as we could explore the world through more innocent eyes and unhindered stimulations and find joy just as easily through a snowflake or watching raindrops fall upon the Petals of flowers.


It is our own innocence that we have forgotten that this moon is asking us to reawaken and use the energy to set the tone for the rest of the year and begin to vibrate at the frequency of love


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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