If you look at the sun through your window you enjoy the sun rays and see part of the star.


If you stand outside in front of a tree and look at the sun you see more of the sun yet it is hidden behind the branches and leaves.


if you stand in an open area beyond the trees and look up at the sun you get an unobstructive view. Yet still you cannot see the complete magnificence of the star.


When the sun is seen from space it is respected in all its beauty and glory. The sun has never changed, our perspectives of it vary depending what we have in front of our own eyes.


The same holds true for our mind. It filters and creates perspectives and then when we add mind created fears and nightmares or dreams and fantasies, we are distorted in seeing the complete picture that is in front of us. It remains an out of reach illusion.


the truth yet remains unchanged.


When we come closer to the truth we let go of our illusions and delusions and focus on that which is authentic.


shifting perspectives may be one of the hardest things we do.


Yet just like stepping out of our comfort zone, it may be one of the most important thing that we do, to reach the truth.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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