The new year started with most of us making resolutions. Did you? Did you make them for the whole year? Because there is a problem with that.


The year to get things done is way shorter than you think. The illusion of time to work is not as long Let me explain.


On average, We have 8 weekend days a month so thats 96 days gone.


So we are down to 9months.


Now if we count holiday weeks like Christmas or New Years or Thanksgiving more time is lost. Dont forget the smaller holidays too eg Columbus Day and martin Luther king day etc.


Now what about a week off in spring, a week or more off in summer vacations. Typically we do not get things done or work on vacations or holidays.


Boom we are further down to 7 months.


On average we work 8 to 10 hours a day. 7 months X 30 days =210 days


210 days x 8 hour a day is 1680 hours.


Now divide 1680 divide 24 hours = 56 days.


We have 56 days or less than 2 months to get stuff done. Thats it. NOT a year… 56 days


Time is our greatest currency and when we invest wisely into the future version of ourselves we have do it with time.


Let me introduce you to universal law known as the Parkinson’s Law, which states that work expands to fill the time allotted to it.


What does that mean for us? Simply that if we say we want to do something in one month, the odds are good that we can actually get it done in one week as well. When we expand that time frame to one month we tend to dilly and dally and prance around thinking we have the benefit of time.


if we see life with an unbalanced and biased mind then we tend to fill our time with distractions. If we do not fill our day with high priority actions that inspire then the day will be filled with low priority distractions that dispirit.


Use the time well, 56 days is all we have, everything is like the air in potato chip packets…. They vanish the moment you open it.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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