The beating heart.


I am in the privileged position to be able to listen to beating hearts all day long. I love it.


After a chat with a patient, I place my stethoscope on their chest and listen to what the body wishes to tell me. What secrets does the heart whisper. My job is simply to just listen.


Lub dub, bumpidy bump, boom boom, skip skip, hop skip jump the melody of the heart sings. The amazing thing about the heart beats is the range of the song.


The sounds are the very aliveness of the person in front of me. The rhythmic or arrhythmic beating tells the tale of the driver in the car. The body is the vehicle and the handler is the soul. I get to play the role of a mechanic as I try to tinker with the engine, but the divine driver is always in control.


Each beat contains the experience of the owner. A blueprint of their soul’s journey on this planet. Boom boom boom as the blood bangs through the muscular pump around the body, nourishing every tissue, muscle and organ with nutrients and oxygen rich cells and clean up the toxins and bring it other parts of the circulation to be cleansed or regain oxygen.


Like a train ride the heart beating follows the mindset of the individual. I become aware of their mind state of their past and present, as I listen to the thump thump thump, bump bump. Each cell is pulsating with consciousness and dumps the awareness into the heart as they whiz by.


It is a beautiful cacophony of sound, light, experience, and consciousness that transforms into a harmonious orchestra narrating the story of life. To bear witness with eyes closed to the tales of the heart can sometimes be deafening. In my short time listening I place my foot in the flowing river of the patients experience and get a glimpse of their timeline.


I sometimes sit with my own heart beat in meditation just listening. No judgement, no questions. Just listening to them like the potter patter of rain drops or the flow of the nearby brook or the sounds of the ocean speak.


Heart beats echo the influences of the mind and the body. Every impulse or fear or instinct or thought resides in the beat.


What does your beating heart tell you?


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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