Hello friends I’m happy to announce the first masterclass of 2024 that will be presented on January 27 9am EDT


The topic will be ” the understanding of the rise and fall of blood pressure”


Each of us has been affected by blood pressure in some way either personally or perhaps we know some family member who suffers from hypertension


No one is immune from it


But how we respond and how we treat our hypertension well therein lies the answer


I’ll be diving deep from a cardiologist perspective to give you a greater understanding of how hypertension (high blood pressure) arises and affects you


I will teach you the Mind Body Connection of blood pressure and how to be able to bring your body physiology back to normal states with a variety of methods that lies beyond the scope of just pills


So if this interests you or you know someone who would benefit from this then join me for this unique Master Class as we Bridge the worlds of traditional Medicine 💊 and the Alternative healing arts to explore some of the Mysteries of the human body and how blood pressure can effect you


Time January 27 9am EDT

Cost $100

Duration ( at least 2 hours !!)


Message or email me for details and links


Blessings of love, light and wisdom


Dr Nitin Bhatnagar


Intuitive Cardiologist


Life Architect

Human behavioralist


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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