What is your watch word for the new year?


A watch word is a word that we use at the beginning of the year that we observe as goals to accomplish or words to adhere to. They become the basis of meaning to center our thoughts and actions as we go about our day.


They become the anchor point to bring us back to observe what we have chosen to practice and follow for us to improve our mindsets.


Every year I pick different words, for me the words are:


Authenticity : to become more genuine and honest with myself regarding how I feel and how I express those feelings. Who do I show up as each day. Is it the inner me, or the version my mind wants to portray. I choose the former.


Truth: To follow my inner truth and that of the universe. TO speak it, and bring into my daily actions.


Friendship: to cultivate my inner friendship with myself and those most important to me. To take the time to explore these deeply and fully.


Service: I am choosing to expand how I can serve humanity through my writings, teachings and consultations. How can I bring truth to people by helping them open up to their own authenticity and light.


Flow: To give myself permission to let the universe guide my path and become more in tune with the flow in the river of life.


Surrender: heart, mind and soul submission to the universal mind of intention. To allow the universe to guide me requires me to allow the universe to guide me. It is a give and receive relationship. To enable the cosmic wisdom to come through me,it requires a surrender to that frequency.


These are my watchwords of how I live by?


What are yours? And how do you pain to remain accountable to follow through with them?




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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