In this new year I have a heard a lot about “ new year new you” phrases and slogans.


How about choosing for oneself this year and in every year to simply take one more step to become the most authentic wholehearted self that one can be.


No more pretenses, no more resolutions and goals created in fantasy, but instead filling the day with potent magic of authenticity.


Living a life on purpose is the most sacred truth and tenant one can live by.


At the end of our life what really matters is not what we may have bought but what we have built. Not what we got but what we shared with others. Life is not about our success but the impact we have had on the world and humanity.


It is NOT a matter of “finding yourself” but about REDISCOVERING who we are underneath all the layers of doubt, judgement and fears.


The new me is not really a new me, it is just the more authentic version of who I am. It is the instilling of character and not just competence. It is the delivery of service and not the acquisition of material.


The “new me “is to be about not just living but living a life of love.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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