Welcome to the new year.


An unauthored chapter in our human evolution is ready to be penned. A blip or iota of time in humanity’s existence clicks on the cosmic clock hand.


There is a beautiful sacredness that emerged as we transitioned across datelines round the globe. Each of us carrying our hopes, dreams and visions as a collective through the veil of uncertainty, doubt and fear. We made it across to explore the frontiers of a new age. The shift in paradigm was a pulse of our consciousness reawakening to a new epoch.


This is a powerful time in our history as we each are forced to look towards service for each other and not just for ourselves. In my opinion 2020-2022 was full of the shadows that we each as individuals were forced to go within to explore and expose our own inner demons, weaknesses and create transparency for the future. If we lost this golden opportunity, then we are doomed to continue the cycle till we do.


2023 was more about the implementation of the action of what we envisioned in our dark tea time of our souls in prior years.


2024 is a divine opportunity to shed light across all timelines and heal the whole of humanity, and let go of the ego of self as an individual.


For many it feels like an abrupt end of 2023 and a chance at hope and change in the next year, yet I see it differently. I observe that 2023 and 2024 as part of the river of our consciousness simply flowing. We step out of the river briefly and then step back into it moments later and with each experience we call it 2023, then 2024. Yet the river of life continues its flow and the consciousness remains the same yet different.


2024 is a continuum of that which we experience and so in each moment of each day we have the fire burning in our bellies to be able to seize and share with the world. And each day is a new time point when we dip our feet into the river and make an impact in the world.


2024 is not about sitting on the sidelines, yet participate in the game of life with enthusiasm, holy curiosity, wonder and mischief. To take our shadows and see them as starting places of our transformation. To dangle our feet in this marvelous river or to jump and dive into the vibrancy of the flow. It is a choice, which will either


Be kind to yourself and treat your self well to be sure but treat others even better.


2024 is about living deeper within the streams of unconditional love in the grateful service of humanity and our planet.


Blessings of Love, Light and Wisdom to us all on this cosmic journey of 2024 as we boldly go where we have never been before.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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