Christmas and the holiday celebrations brought the crazy out in many of us this season. If the alcohol, the controversial topics of conversations were not enough, the full moon certainly brought its flavor to the dinner tables.


This is the last of the full moons for the 2023 year, especially since its proximity to the beautiful winter solstice. It is certainly a time to feel all the emotions and ride their waves and arrive at the epicenter and sense all the cosmic support.


The Sirius is a bright star in the heavens that was known to the ancients as a point of great spirituality and wisdom. Its powerful energetic force penetrates our light bodies, enhancing our senses and activating our DNA to guide us to release all that is blocking our destiny. This full moon aligns with the Sirius and invites us to shed our emotions and return us to balance.


The present is a state of being allowing us to see our reality through the lens of opportunity. It is a time to cultivate new habits through inner reflection, deep release, and to fan the fire of purpose upon our path. It is easy to be triggered by emotional charges and stay reactive or repressive, but it takes courage, faith and trust to hold the course to wither the storm of our feelings and sail through the dark night of our soul’s challenges. As a beacon of light and hope we each are invited to level up and create the future of our choice.


So charge up your mind, body, heart with the light of the season and its full moon with love and wisdom and prepare to shine infinitely brighter in the coming year ahead.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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