Time to change


There are times that we feel that things around us are too chaotic and overwhelming. The pressures are too great for the vision to see beyond the edge of our comfort zone. And so this is where we sit. Immovable. Even if an innovation comes along that will help us. Even if someone can show you the right way out of the dark cave, it can be too daunting a task to figure out another alternative. Moreover it is too hard to reinvent the wheel of the self to create a new version of ourselves.


Real life change is hard as the busy-ness of our lives will not allow us to transgress our borders of reality long enough to realize that change is necessary and inevitable. As they say ” the only constant is change” so too this is experienced with prejudice. After all why would anyone want to change if they are content with their choices. Yet here is the slippery slope of recognizing the difference between contentment and complacency. The latter is born out of fear, and so there we will stay pretending to have never heard of other ideas.


Even conceptions that can help, aide, and change things will be shunned and looked at with disdain. We may even hurt ourselves living within the comfort of our fantasies. Sometimes that pain can be so great as we go to enormous extremes to maintain that level of comfort. Ironically, that same pain will eventually destroy the housing of our fears and may liberate us from self destruction. The operative word here is “may.” There are times when we can continue our stubbornness at our own peril.


Change is nothing to fear.


Change is flow.


Change is the tool of the universe to create and destroy.


Change is balance.


Change is never expected, yet always should be anticipated.


Change is the necessary arm that will reach to the future.


Change simply is.


Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change.


We all want to change the world, but do we dare to first change ourselves.



I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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