There are times when we will give anything to find the truth. We are by our very nature an evolving species constantly thriving to learn and grow. We can travel a lifetime looking and searching for the holy grail of knowledge or understanding of the mysteries of the universe. Yet why is it when we are even faced with the truth we discard it like yesterdays garbage?


Perhaps because there are times that we are living an expectation of what that ” truth” looks like and then when we see it we are unable to live it or experience it. When the mind creates all these expectations we are living a fantasy of what that truth might be.


For example , I always thought that good health meant getting a fit looking body. That was my search. Good health. Till when I had good health in the form of stamina, strength, coordination, flexibility and endurance I chose not to be believe it. I kept looking for the fantasy expectation of the body and never realized that I had missed the mark of good health when I had gone to the other pendulum swing of health and then being obsessed about looks, which led to my own detriment from the stand point of extremes of nutrition, or lack of sleep or excess time in the gym. I did not even realize that I had passed the mid point of optimum health.


Yet the universe will constantly help us with challenges and support to bring us to our space of balance. A place of truth is attained through the state of balance. The key is in remembering what we started off searching for in the first place on our journey and that it was not based on an expectation born of a fantasy. When we chase the truth we will face many challenges. The measure of success is holding true to our path and recognizing that truth in all its manifestations.


this is one reason why many people fall apart when they are chasing the understanding of the truth of the divine. They become beholden to other peoples expectations of their religious beliefs and cannot even recognize the truth they seek even if it shows up in the forms of their own divinity and fail to see that same divinity amongst others.


The truth has always been within….. but most of us are searching in all the wrong places, and disbelieve it when it reveals itself in all its glory and wisdom.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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