Revolutionary results are achieved by an Evolutionary process


Revolutionary results are not achieved by a Revolutionary process.


Change occurs when we shift and evolve to the next level of consciousness and awareness. Change is not sustainable through sheer will or force to over throw an idea. The idea is challenged and then must find its equal support. And when the balance is tipped, it evolves into another form and evolves into a better idea.


This is easily noted throughout history where every “revolutionary” idea whether in technology or as in a historical event of civilization that has occurred, has only been truly revolutionary and evolved the technology or that group of people as long as the idea that drove it was novel and evolutionary in the first place. And any revolution in history that has been simply a bloody war has never sustained in maintaining the ideals from whence it started.


Revolutions spin the wheel of progress in time and space, yet the momentum to move forward is seen with evolution. If the revolution has no momentum, it simply spins, rotates and then fizzles out.


For every challenge there is support. Yet at the edge of challenge is the potential for growth to the next level of evolution and growth.


With blessings of Love, Light and Wisdom



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Author: Brown Knight

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