There are pessimists who believe the glass is half empty


There are optimists who believe that the glass is half full


There are realists who believe that there is just a glass with water inside it


Then there is me.


I believe there is no glass or water.. just LOVE and LIGHT masquerading as a glass with water


LOVE is the energetic field of intelligence


LIGHT is the energetic intention that holds this intelligence throughout the universe


When we look with our judgments we see a glass and water.. and then further deeper Judgements see it as full or empty


Yet when we look with our hearts that have opened with gratitude we see that both the glass and the water are illusionary states superimposed upon another.


We witness the dance of light and love intertwined creating this beautiful mirage at play


We all are simply holographic lights in a magnificent universe expressing and experiencing itself through us


Judgments create the density of matter and material


Love creates the light of spirit


Spirit without matter is formless


Matter without spirit is motionless


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. 👍good write up masquerading love and light in simple form

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