Remember the story of the mother and child in the trauma room the other day. Well the saga did not end there, and nor did the lessons learned. 


So a few days later from that hospital day when I had heard the terrible situation of the pregnant patient, I was in the office and was talking to a patient. She started chatting and broke down crying. I compassionately listened and offered her tissues and put my hand on her shoulder. Once she composed herself she told me she knew the mother, and what had happened. She narrated the story. 


The young first time soon to be mom was on the downtown bus trying to get to her destination. It was a typical morning for her with the usual 8 month partum related symptoms. Unbeknownst to her that her day was going to be anything but normal. The bus went down a street where a gang dispute took over the scene, with ricocheting bullets. One stray bullet went through the bus and hit this woman in the belly. Rather it hit the unborn baby. 


The rest is history. Mom and child reached the trauma room. The baby was born but did not make it, and the mother remains in critical condition. It was an unfair story for sure. I mean the baby’s life was snatched before it had any chance to explore life. This tragedy gave me a pause to reflect on this situation. We hear many horror stories of death especially these days with wars and crimes etc. I deeply reflected upon this incident. From a cardiologist perspective I try each day to optimize patients healths so they that can extend their longevity. 


But despite perfect blood pressure, or great blood sugars and cholesterol, and good preventative care we never know when our date of death looms ahead of us, and how will we depart this world. Will it be a heart attack, a stroke, or cancer or any number of diseases or an accident or even an unsuspecting random bullet. We can strive for the best of health, and so we should to get the best outcome and odds out of life, yet death is the unpredictable wild card. 


As a friend once told me “ the only guarantee in life is that it will end and none of are getting out it alive”. So choose to live daily to your highest potential and get the most out of each day.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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