Fall time is my favorite season…


There is a certain magic of change all around us… in the air… on the ground…in the water… in the heart and the mind


We marvel at the colors that tantalize our senses…. the taste of the reds and the yellows are mouthwatering…the visuals are gifts to the eyes…. the oranges and brown fuel the aromatics of the earth…


Yet what Is really going on… we are witnessing the death of nature.. each leaf is undergoing its own metamorphosis of its life cycle… each color is a stage of its own demise.. we love the colors… yet we love the death…


However when we witness our own death we feel alone and are scared.. yet we are like the leaves dying each second.. each hour.. each day… each year.. our own colors are changing..


In this floral transformation there is much wisdom that we can inherit into our own lives..

Nothing lasts forever so let go… surrender to the moment of now and embrace its wonder..


Death is only the beginning of life.. and life is only the beginning of death.. a seemingly never ending cycle till we pause and realize the illusion of the holographic universe


For now I will live in my illusion and enjoy the autumn… the mystery of each leaf as it holds on to life till its precipice of change..


Succumb to our divine nature… find the color of light within…it is the external mind and body that changes but the spirit that is ever free from its cycles… free from its springtime life and autumn death


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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