It shows up at the most unusual times, yet is ever present. SO the other day I was at the hospital, just having finished my patient rounds and sat down at the computer to write my endless notes. Then I heard overhead.


“ OB to trauma room stat, OB to trauma room stat”


Ugh, I knew that a pregnant mom was in trouble. My mind went to all the possibilities of how this trauma could have happened, especially car accidents. Few moments later, there was another announcement.


“ NICU to trauma room stat, NICU to trauma room stat”


There was a pit in my stomach. Not just the mom was in need of help but now the baby as well.


“ Neonatologist to trauma room stat, neonatologist to trauma room stat” was the next blaring awareness.


I turned to my colleague sitting next to me. We both knew that this might not turn out well and our prayers were with both mother and child. Then we heard what we suspected.


“ Cancel NICU to trauma room”


My head bowed down. I was silent. Tears slowly flowed. I did not know who the mother and child were, but this felt so unfair. The child had not even had a chance at life, and it was already in jeopardy. Simultaneously as I heard this overhead page, my pager had gone off, and it was another doctor informing me that my other patient who was on comfort measures had passed. I was surprised and checked the time. It was identical. Both events occurred simultaneously.


One being born, one dying.


Birth and death are synchronously in tune with the harmony of the universe. The more present we are within ourselves the more we can see and appreciate the Beauty of the intelligent cosmos. Everything in the universe that is in creation exists with its opposite. There is nothing that is not within a state of balance.


Life and death exists in nature to maintain the balance within the manifest world. Becoming more aware through our heart space and past our busy minds, we can start to even appreciate the flow within our own lives on a regular basis. When we note the perceived bad situations we can also see the perceived good moments that occur simultaneously. We are part of the hidden order to the divine universe, but do we dare to see this and fall in love the magic that is all around us, guiding us, nurturing us in every instant.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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