Music is what weaves the heart into the body…


It livens the senses..


It excites the mind


It delivers the magic of the universe into the room


It fills the imagination of times long forgotten


This was the candlelight music concert.. featuring the works of Mozart


A brilliant mind trapped in a limited body that was eager to share the Mathematics of the cosmos in each of his creative movements


His first creation was when he was 3.. and many pieces that sprung forth from his soul were never heard in their entirety by him… for they were eventually presented 40 years after he had passed..


Even on his dying bed he strive to finish some of his pieces..


Such urgency to share his magical creations with the world is what makes his legacy worthy of a master..


I wonder if he ever knew that his work will be played throughout the world my musicians everywhere and be appreciated throughout the globe


Whatever you do each day make sure it lasts the test of time


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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