An interesting story


I enter the room and sit down in front of my patient. We had a long discussion about his ailments, his progress and his setbacks after his cardiac surgery. The conversation comes to a close and as I get up to leave, he smiles holding back the tears. I stop and inquire if there was anything else he wished to share. He fumbled around in his bag and pulled out this sticker ( see picture ). I had never seen one before. A ” 0.5K” sticker. He began to cry with joy that he could do this race. I had to look it up the distance. It is 546.8 yards. Or 500 meters.


For a man who prior to surgery could not even go 20 yards without collapsing or getting short of breath, this was a remarkable feat. He had pushed through his ordeal of surgery and the complications that had occurred to overcome his circumstances with guile and vigor to achieve his first race.


” What does not kill us makes us stronger” isn’t that the old adage. How about ” adversity/necessity is the mother of invention” ? TO do what he did one might say well that’s his recovery process. Sure I agree. Yet how much of our recovery is hindered by our own self defeating attitudes. Not for this man.


We hugged as both of us in tears of joy on his achievement interspersed with chuckles of laughter at the moment transpired. I asked to take a picture of his sticker for my own remembrance of this moment that I share humbly with you.


There is no situation that we cannot get through.


There is no mindset mountain too high to climb nor any depth too deep to explore, whether it is outer space, the ocean or the human heart.


Dig deep my friends everyday and find your courage to LIVE your life, STRENGTHEN your connections with the universe and discover the MYSTERIES of the heart .


For that is what is called Love.



I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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