The difference between 2 minutes.


As i bumble around in my busy life do I afford myself the wisdom of 2 minutes?


I may look down at my watch and find hours have gone by without me even Realizing it..


Such is the nature of the busy mind..


So what can happen in the difference of 2 minutes…


I may not be fast enough to beat the red light yet slow enough to miss the accident down the road 2 minutes later


I may miss the cut off during a road race costing me a medal


I am too angry to Say I am sorry, then few minutes later the opportunity to apologize is



I am too focused on my phone to listen to my child asking for attention for the last few minutes


I am too ignorant about the boiling kettle I miss the eggs in the pan and they become too hard by 2 minutes


I am too busy for 2 minutes to pick up the phone to tell my loved one.. I love you…. and they are out of phone range for days


Look in your life each day and In each moment and I invite you to pay attention to when simply being present may have changed an outcome by even 2 minutes


Time is just like a river constantly in flow. When we dip our toes into the river, we engage with the time.. when we step out we are no longer present…


Being more attentive to the flow of time allows our hearts, Minds and bodies to become in sync with the manifested universe


And it is in this synchronization that we find unconditional love


All it takes is 2 minutes


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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