We arrive at a critical juncture of our timeline that we have all been traveling over the last few months


Full moons, new moons, lunar and solar eclipses were simply just side attractions for what is here now. The lions gate portal The 8/8 gateway. August 8 brings a powerful shift in not only our spiritual axis but our cosmic and celestial axis as well. 8 the number of infinity is the symbol of balance, unity, and connects us to zeropoint energy field in our heart and mind. Time has already sped up on an astronomical scale and we feel we are running out time, yet in fact all we are really doing is attempting to expanding time by becoming ever more present and close the loop of infinity by experiencing it into the present moment of the null zone as seen in the figure of 8.


Sleepless nights, physical symptoms of headaches, irritability, nausea, appetite shifts are all just some of the cardinal sensations we have been experiencing.


What is the Lions Gate Portal?


It is a time of increased cosmic energy that flows between the spiritual and physical realms. It is has been revered as far back in time as by the ancient Egyptians. It is an alignment between the earth and the spiritual recognized star Sirius and directly used to align with the Great pyramid of Giza. This star is brighter and represents abundance in all forms including wisdom, strength,m fertility. It shows up in the constellation of Leo and so anchoring powerful upgrading codes to our DNA for our higher consciousness. There is an increased amount of light that engages with our energetic field and activates our dormant DNA.


The vibrational frequency of our cells is increased and helps us with awakening, self mastery, the ascension process and our own evolution back to Source. We become more in tune with living our higher purpose, discarding our older programming and shifting to a more potent level of accelerated awakening and ascension.


Feel the turning out of old ideas, mindsets, and start to begin to see what is the truth and that which has remained hidden through judgments and outside ideas. It is a time to tune the harmonic frequency of our DNA to that of our higher selves with this most profound starlight activation. We are able to activate our Light Body and our own higher Multidimensional nature by letting go of Lower dense energies and welcoming our next up-leveling.


When we allow these downloads to settle we enter a new season of awareness and fortune. We permit ourselves to swim in the divine stream of consciousness. When we connect ourselves to the universe we open ourselves up to energetic potentials and step into limitless opportunity of our intelligence of not only our mind but our hearts.


Step into the field of possibility with each relationship and each experience henceforth and feel the electrifying sensations of being alive. As we each open up our resonance towards each other we are gifted with the unique opportunity to help each other enter a 5D love and light heart field. Welcome to unity consciousness.


Feel all the time space moments collapsing and converging, step into your gratitude and grace with each pulse of your heart and enter the portal with the increased frequencies of love, abundance. Freedom, strength, courage, and wisdom.


Blessings of Love, Light and Wisdom


your powerful ally


Dr Bhatnagar




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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