A night out in the thunder storm.


The senses come alive with the approach of the predicted storm.


The roaring rumble of the empty stomach of the enormous sky is loud for all to hear.


The smell of rain looms in the churning winds


BOOM !! The thunder has spoken


The earth quivers.


I hear the conversation of the earth and the thundering sky


I touch the ground and hear its gentle reply.


The heavy sky balls out its tears.


I touch the warm spring rain on top of my cold head with refreshing wonder


I taste the charged air in each inhaled breath


The mysterious dark night is here at last invigorating my senses


The bosomed clouds are full with possibilities


The joking lightning crackles mocking my courage


I reply with a sly smile


I love the thunderstorm for its alchemy of my mind


She always taunts me with tales of fear and doom


Yet she teaches me the wisdom of steadfastness and determination


My heart opens without dread


The blasting winds howl to test my patience


I open my eyes and expand my vision far into the night


I ground my feet as the roots of the nearby oak


” I will not surrender to your will” I mightily say as loud as my thoughts can reach the stars


The shimmers of natures swift sword of lightning conquer the heavens but sway me not


“I am part of you ” I yell as I too am nature’s seed, ” and you are part of me” as I am reminded of my own once unstable emotional states


” I love you as I love myself” I whisper boldly into the forgotten night.


The winds slow, the clouds move away, the lightning softens, and the roar becomes less mighty.


” I will always be part of you my love, and hurt you I will not anymore” she replies as she moves across her terrestrial map bringing life to other lands.


I am soaked in her love with the rain, as I stand having passed my test of fear.


This night transforms the magic of fear into love.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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