In quiet contemplation I had a beautiful awareness the other day, thought I would share.



Life is not without its opposites. We try to be one or the other but what if life is forcing us to be both sides. What if the cosmic consciousness is affording us the opportunities each day but we ignore them.




We are asked to be malleable with our views of others yet to be strong within mentally. To be adaptable but to be steadfast to our principles. To flow like water yet to be immovable like a rock. To be physically hard and indestructible like titanium yet to be as soft as a rose petal with our words. To be fierce like fire with our goals but to be skillful like a breeze.




To let go of the flow of time and events but be present in each moment. To be as swift and sharp as an arrow to our pursuits as we are dull to the pain of loss. To be empty of hatred as the night but be filled with hope as all the shining stars.




To be the diamond of truth and yet not be corrupted by the blackened soot of sin. To be the magic of the universe and yet never reveal the trick. To become as shiny as the sun filling everyone’s heart with light, yet persevere in being alone and the brightest in the solar system. To become the tide of change yet to be the unwavering consistency of the waves.




To open our hearts as wide as the cosmos but keep our judgments as small as a grain of sand. To become filled with gratitude as expansive as the ocean yet be humble as a brook. To maintain the balance of our minds in the eye of the hurricanes of judgments and fears. To be as light as the high branched leaf alone with our thoughts and yet be grounded like the tree with our friends and family. To be like nature constantly evolving unafraid to change.




It is in the integration of all opposites that we find the harmony of unconditional love that is hidden in plain sight for all to witness.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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