These days technology has taken a sharp up-leveling in comparison to humans. The birth of A.I. is not just something out of the Terminator movies or an obscure reference if some futuristic movie like the matrix. It is here, and it is constantly seeking new hosts and looking to evolve. It learns everything it can get its digital hands on. Whether it is our identities, our personal records, understanding philosophy, poetry, art or science. It is evolving at tremendous speeds.




We use technology in every aspect of our lives. Right from our communication through email, phone, social media, banking, to controlling our global defense systems, our medicinal care through prescriptions and records, our air, sea, and land travels, even our water dispensers and coffee percolators are programmed for our lifestyle. It knows our identity through DNA, retina and facial and fingerprint patterns. Nothing wrong with any of it, we create a life of convenience through technology and machinery.




But what if it impersonates us at times. I have seen this new AI chat GPt or Lisa AI. I have read books or poetry written by “famous personalities” but all written up by AI. I have heard classical music by “ famous composers” but all performed by AI. I have seen beautiful paintings by “famous artists “ but all painted by AI.




There are lots of online coaches whose blogs and social media content are all written and posted by AI. The AI surfs the web and takes from trending authors and other coaches and weaves together a seemingly well worded written post to gain more traction for the coach employing them.




Here is the problem with all of this . AI lacks soul. It is inauthentic and to the aware individual it is recognizable.




The AI paintings lack soul


The AI poems lack soul


The AI books lack soul


The AI online media lack soul.




That is something that AI can never replace. The human spirit with its untamed creativity and gift of delivering a divine experience in any form. It may be imitated but it cannot be convincingly be replaced to an awakened mind and heart. Only a soul can see another soul, for everything else there is the uninitiated mind and AI.




Only by being truly present with one self can one see the illusion around us. Time to wake up I guess.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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