Happy Friday


Happy Full moon with lunar eclipse.


By now the effects of this magnificent cosmic combination is being experienced all around the world this week. It appears as if many places are on the brink of civil war, where tensions are high, relationships fractured and everyone is looking suspicious and guilty before being proven innocent.


Understandable with what the heavens are offering us with this full moon and eclipse whammy together. A lunar eclipse is very powerful. Sort of like an accelerant on a fire. Yet it is the inner fire that is surfacing to be seen. Lightning sabers being foiled about angrily amongst friends and family. What comes up now with the lunar eclipse is potent feelings that have been stored for centuries that require their moment in the proverbial sun, yet in this instant from the reflected sun, aka the full moon. Lunar energies are very feminine, and with that comes great emotional turmoil as the cycle returns once more to help us let go of emotions and attachments, no matter how deep they seem embedded into the past.


It is a time for release of the old as an offering into the light of a full moon. It is a time to clear the emotional cycles that are locked in our subconscious that have been blocked by our mindsets and to create new ones with luminary intentions to start the renewal process. Eclipses are known to be harbingers of change, and this they are. We emotionally run as the tides do to the music of the moon and so when the eclipse briefly pauses our luminescence, an opportunity to transform our emotions is sprung.


It is a time to leave the safety and comfort and to rise to a greater growth. And for some rest from their un-safety and being uncomfortable and also grow in the respite. Eclipses are rare and bring abut great transformation for self and others. When the cycle of pain, suffering, anger, and hatred comes to an end it is with the blessings of a purging eclipse,and the creation of the intention of release.


It is about trusting the process and letting go what is no longer in right alignment and stepping into the light with what is. It is about completing the cycle of emotional transformation and starting the enlightenment transformation with the full moon at the helm.


To this effect I have created a powerful invocation out of meditation


Sit comfortably, in a quiet spot and Repeat as many times as you need to for full effect.


“I welcome this moon light into my heart, mind and body


I release all my suffering in this moment that no longer serves.


I release all my pain and hatred from incurred events across time and space within my cellular DNA


I release all my traumas from all ancestral timelines from all my auric bodies.


I allow my past lifetimes, the present lifetime and the ancestral timelines to be honored and let go with dignity and love


I allow myself to finally rest with ease and grace


I create an abundant future from this moment onward


I help myself and others to heal the past with my purest of intentions


I clear any cellular debris of past and present that may still impede my being


I am complete as I am


I am divine love


I am infinite light


I am that I am


I am I am”


Hydrate, rest, and honor what is coming up for you.


Journal it, and stay in gratitude.


Next few months are one hell of roller coaster energetically, emotionally, spiritually, and will put huge strains financially, physically, relationships, and vocations.


Be authentic to your heart, and not your mind.


Your powerful ally


Dr Bhatnagar


Intuitive Cardiologist




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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