There are days when we worry.. worry.. worry.




Because of someone else’s opinion of us that they may have said to us or about us to someone else..


Most of the time we worry as we ponder what they might think about us if they were thinking about us..


We rarely if any have the chance to control what anyone thinks of us or anything in general….


And the cycle begins and continues..


This effects our mind, our physiology, our hearts…our moods… our environment and we may lose sight of our vision, mission and purpose each day as we get caught up in the new dramas we create of our minds


Such is the nature of worry. It creates a reality of illusion which much of the time is not based on a manifested reality


It may be even harder to get out of this loop..


I found this chart… perhaps this helps to pause the cycle… .


Once broken there are other strategies to permanently break through….


As the song said ” why worry be happy”


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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