Finding balance


Have you ever noticed that your moods dictate your outcomes? When you are happy you seem to get tasks done more efficiently. If you are sad then every task is a monotonous chore. It is only when we are more stable with our emotions that life is more fluid and flows. What makes us happy is quite variable and equally so what drives us to becoming sad.


Yet it is when we are in the most balance that things feel more stable. Emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually the balance enables us to be more in control to create our realities of choice. When there is imbalance we are run by the choices of others who are more in relative balance. Higher frequency of balance gives way to lower frequency of balance. Such is the nature and order of balance.


This applies to many areas of life. Education. You may have noticed that the hierarchy of the more educated people control the lives of the less educated. Finances. The greater the wealth of an individual the greater the influence they have over the less wealthy. Vocation. The more experience one has in a vocation, trumps the job of the less experienced. Physical. The more athletic and physically endowed are more likely to become the educators of the less athletic or physically fit. Spiritual. The more spiritually trained are the ones who are the teachers and guides for those who are perceived as less spiritually attained. Even in Relationships. The more influential one person is in the relationship ( whether it is parental or spousal or friendship or at employment ) the more likely they are dominating that relationship. This extends out into society too.


Yet out of St-ability ( stability) comes ability. The more stable we are in our moods and our emotions the greater the chance that our innate gifts are revealed. It is these divine abilities that will aide us to create the future of our choice and help shape the world. So the next time you get too excited or too depressed find a way to come back to center. Find the middle ground that will keep you on track and not off course.


My father once told me: ” Never give away money when you are too happy and never write a letter when you are too sad” Makes sense. The fastest way to poverty is by emptying your purse through emotions and the fastest way to end a career or relationship is through writing a letter severing a relationship or agreeing to one.


The more StABLE the more ABLE !!


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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