There are times where we jump to help someone to fix their behaviors. We think it is our job. We take it on with pride and try to change them. Many a situation this is seen with the behaviors in a relationship or more often seen when dealing with our children. But this need to “help” is noted at the workplace usually with our bosses or subordinates. Yet the most obvious place it occurs is the uncanny need to fix people we know such as friends or acquaintances.


Here is the rub. Not all behaviors need fixing. It is our own behavior that we are invited to explore. That is it. Not anyone elses.


WE cannot save someone who is not willing to participate in their own rescue. Some people do not want to be fixed, because behaving broken gets them attention. Read that again.


It is a hard pill to swallow but the medicine that needs to be prescribed involves letting go. Work on oneself only.


It is through surrendering to true unconditional love, that the healed mind realizes that there was nothing broken and nothing to be fixed. We are perfect the way we have always been.


The unhealed mind sees others, and the world as broken till one day it stops blaming others and giving credit to others only to blame itself and take credit. The final stage of repair requires the realization that there was no blame and there was no credit. Nothing was broken and nothing ever needed fixing except for the mind.


It is at this point where we are able to just sit with ourselves, stop caring about what everyone is thinking and start fearlessly living from our own hearts and not from the shadows of others nightmares.


It takes great patience to realize that the seer, the seeing and the seen are all one, whole perfect being of beauty, grace and love.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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