This 98 year old lady completed her 5k run !


For me The lessons from this lady’s recent achievement is staggering… these are what came to me as I was witnessing these…


Never let anyone put limits in your life


Never give up on your dreams


Never quit


Follow your own path


Hard work pays off


Never let the mindset of: you are too old or it is too late or it is too hard etc stop you from achieving your goals.


Each day be grateful for the people in your life


Unfold the magic that is inside you


Feel the limitless potential unlock


As long as you have life in you… there is hope


Never miss an opportunity to be and do your best


No excuses


Love unconditionally and be free


Stay inspired


Stay in awe each day of the process of life


Age is all in the mind.. the trick is preventing it from getting it into your body


No distance is too great


Never underestimate the power of starting


What insights did you get when you see this video?


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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