What is love? Is there only one kind of love? Is it passion or is it unconditional?


Well did some research and found out that there are at least 7 types of love according to the Greeks who clearly spent a lot of time exploring the depths of human nature over the centuries.


PHILIA. A sort of shared love between humans. Also known from Aristotelian literature as a brotherly love. It is the love that builds through cooperation, understanding and sharing of each other’s values. When we have similar interests we come together to create a world of ideas, enterprise and magnificence.


EROS. Originally named after the Greek God Eros, the God of desire and pleasure. The burning desire that is intense and lustful. The physical passion that leads to hot monkey sex. This is a fiery passion and indulgence of the senses. It can be spontaneous.


LUDUS. The playful, flirtatious kind of love that is both fleeting and temporary. It is how we begin many relationships that may lead to Eros or Pragma. It is the seed of association.


AGAPE. A selfless love that loves all of humanity and divinity alike. It is unconditional. It is a spiritual experience. It is the transcendent love of all physicality.


PRAGMA. The origins of pragmatic. A grounded long term love as is seen between partners committed for the long haul. It is a “standing in love” that is solid and ever lasting. Heart to heart communication is potent and rooted in depth of respect, mutual acknowledgment of the other person.


STORGE. An unwavering devotional love such as that of a parent feels for their child. A cocoon of protection and unwavering nature that is forged from the depths of the heart. It can be very visceral especially if threatened.


PHILAUTIA. Self love. This is the love that grows into loving others. Only once we have loved ourselves, we can offer it to others. If it is negatively experienced then it becomes a narcissistic and ego centric form of love towards self. If it is taken in a positive light of growth then it is helpful to allow for self evolution.


Which love have you experienced ?




I love you ( the Agape kind )

Author: Brown Knight

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