Every morning while you stir your cup of coffee, know that you are stirring your passion on the inside. You have the seeds of greatness and potential waiting to be explored like the aroma of the beverage. You are are a hot cup of cosmic coffee brewed from the finest ingredients amongst the stars. The most precious of divine elements were poured into you to achieve the best possible combination of robustness.


The universal power of love has been finely ground and prepared for your experience. The most magnificent of ancient wisdoms has been filtered into your soul. You come from the best grown beans in all the cosmic realms. The purest of diamond shining waters of knowledge have been used to bring about the perfect essence of you. The possibilities of your flavor are endless. You are perfect in every way.


Do not let the doubts of a clouded mind pollute your cup. Do not let what others negatively say diminish the glory and spirit in which you were created. Do not let past experiences sour your bean. You are full of explosive flavor.


Remember that your passion of life sometimes needs a stir. Could be right now.


Smile. You are one delicious cosmic cup of brew.


And you are priceless.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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