The day whizzes by, the clock’s arms go faster than the Ferris wheels at the fair. I cannot seem to catch my breath as I gasp running out of time.


My body fumbles as I fall, feeling that the day has swallowed me whole by the too many things to do and not enough clicks to get them all done. If that was not enough there were yesterday’s monsters that have still not been slain. I obey the command of my cells and succumb.




The storms of life seemingly shaking me up upside down as I dart about for shelter. What if I fail ? What if I flounder? What if I cant when I once could? What if I do not meet what others want of me? My fragile bones too tired to fight, so I fall.




My heart seeks asylum from life’s chaos. I look for the shelter in the silence. I take a deep breath and enter the void. I am afforded to put my traveling stick down on this long journey and rest. It is time to protect my spirit and heart, as they beat to a fast drum of the day. The intensity clasping like the sounds of loud thunder. I desperately want to make the noise of the day be still.




My mind reminds me to get ready for the stresses of tomorrow and that I should be strong, I should be brave, I should be what others want me to be, and the greatest of lies of them all is to be like them. I am fatigued by the verbal diahorrea of everyone around me. The harsh words, the unkind thoughts and the unrealistic demands.




The surrender of the night brings love to balm my wounds, and halts my fears that typically interrupt my peace. It is time to show myself some grace in that dark dark place.




I light the candle of my soul once more to keep me company for that is all I have in this reality, for when the storm winds come again, I will face it with the truth and the wisdom of my spirit. I will be authentic to my journey no matter what happens, for this is my trail, this is the road of the healer and teacher, the road of the bringer of light.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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