The universe is constantly conversing with us. Yet most of us remain oblivious and asleep. At times it takes harsh life changing events that push us to awaken to our true purpose. We may get distracted with the illusions of our careers, our families or our many personas thinking that we live in reality. Yet the dissolution of these ideals occurs sharply when the truth is thrust upon us.




Some may rise slowly with the dripping of truths and others suddenly with the jolt of the knowledge of the unknown.




It is the mind that constantly keeps us prisoner to the illusion and does not allow us to listen to the snippets in a movie line or page in a book or the lyrics of a random song on the radio, an image in a magazine or a billboard sign while driving. These were all attempts by the universe at answering questions that were in our minds’ eye. A closed mind leads to a closed heart.




Only the heart has the skill to intercept and interpret the answers. The universe always will speak the truth, yet it is our limited understanding that may like or dislike the reply.




The time has come for each of us to awaken to the truths in our lives, in our worlds, in our relationships. If we choose to not ask the right questions and open our eyes and fulfill our highest truth then we are losing out on the greatest gift that this life has to offer. To live a lie of distractions is not a life of thrival but that of survival. What we do not learn in this lifetime, we are doomed to repeat in the next and the next and so on.




I wonder how many infinite lifetimes I have already been through having not learned lessons that I am being forced to relive and study in this one.




It all begins with doubt and inquiry of what is around us and question the matrix of illusion. Who are we? Why are we here? What are we here to do?




“Hey sleeping beauty it is time to wake up”




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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