I will be happy when….


Finish that sentence. I know that you have. We all have. We wait for something that we have dreamed about and kept life on hold till that manifests. We hold the fates hostage with bated breath that may last an entire lifetime and never come to pass.


We expect that we shall receive happiness only when… we receive more money, or get into that perfect relationship or take delivery of that car we always wanted or signup for that ultimate dream job. Everything in that vernacular is about a fantasy and then holding ourselves in an eternal pause till it arrives. But yet it may never happen.


Why put our happiness in suspension on goals that are created by an imbalanced mind with the torrents of emotions and desire?


What is meant to be ours is making its way towards us, what never was is already moving away from us. In time this concept will make sense, and we may find happiness in the most unexpected places and time.


It is more important to focus on goals based in reality and not emotional bliss and bear through the confusion and perceptions of the fantasy.


Happiness is like a wave, it will come back to us when the tide and time is right.


The happiest people are constantly evaluating and improving themselves, yet the most unhappy are those who are evaluating and judging others.


It is wise to remain free and spend a lifetime to becoming slaves of our own false truths in a hope that these shall bring us happiness.


Be happy now.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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