Have you seen this new Apple Watch technology that may very well hit the market soon?


I cannot wait for it. It is amazing. “ I” can control my bank account, see the weather without looking out the window, communicate with other people with the same device, it can check my cholesterol, my blood sugar, tell me my heart rate, and BP probably too. No need to visit a doctor.


I was concerned about going online but now I never have to go offline.


No more need to have to visit a friend at a cafe. No more idle chit chat over beverages. No need to see family members face to face any more at holiday event and listen to their banter. No need to leave my house and go outside as I get all the information on my arm ! Any desire to go to the library is gone with this thing with me everywhere I go. No need to go out for a run, as my hand tech will tell me what to do. I do not even have to feel hungry or thirsty as I will be told when to eat, and when to hydrate.


I can probably also “ work from home or my arm “ !


It responds to my every impulse. It will connect to the hospital and tell them everything about me. The ultimate in transparency as all authorities will know all my information about me and my body. No more privacy. YAY ! No more secrets.


We cried out for convenience and the technology saviors replied with this. I can watch fantasy movies all day and night as I plug my soul into the world of electronics permanently. I do not need any relationship other than the one I carry portably with me on my phone and now with this it will be more intimate. Connecting to online strangers whether they are real or digital what does it matter, I do not have to meet them in “ real life”.


What difference will it make as I can show up as an avatar, and live out fantasy games. I am so thankful for this great advent of the digital age, the digital currency, the digital relationships. To finally be buried into the world of electronics disconnected from the universe and be fully integrated in an impulse driven globe.


Life is going to be grand. Maybe I can preorder this device before it is ready. As I look down at my ipad, smart phone, desktop I realize my journey to the digital side is almost complete. I use these devices at home, at work, before I sleep, and the first thing I see when I wake up. If only my consciousness can be downloaded into it I would be happier.


Hmmm, I wonder if the life I am currently in, is the digital holographic illusion anyway and I have yet to awaken to reality? Nah… thats all just hogwash, time to go back online.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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