Ever thought of what it really means to be Human ?


Let us break that word down.


(HU) comes from the ancient Sufi meaning “form of light”. It was a term to describe God or divinity.


(MAN) comes from the word ground, or to be grounded. Also to MANifest.


So essentially “ form of light manifested in body “ !!


HU-MAN is divine light in physical form. There we have it. There is a God or Divinity in each of us, or rather each of us is a Divine spiritual essence of the Cosmic Universe masquerading in flesh.


The God that we seek is already inside of us, and each of us are but a fragment of that same one Universal entity. It is to believe that we are separate from that great Cosmic father or mother up above the clouds is what begins our first original wound, the wound of separation.


But we are not separate.


Spirit without matter is formless


Matter without spirit is motionless


It is in the joining of the two ( spirit and matter) that we open up the possibilities to explore life in this meat sack. Otherwise how less will we ever understand the manifest world. It is much like diving underwater with scuba gear, mask, googles and an oxygen tank. Best way to explore the depths of the ocean is to wear a suit. And so we do the same in this fleshy outfit we call our body.


But we are not this body, nor are we the sum of the pleasures or pains that it encounters. We are divine beings inside. Time to wake up and remember who and what we are. It is time to start acting responsibly as divine guardians of our galaxy and not as mindless automatons holding on to the sensations of the earth and our terrestrial mortal frame.


The divinity in me salutes the divinity within you.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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