Life may feel messy at times. The tears rolling down the face as we hide our unhappiness and feelings of guilt. The scars of pain nestled under the wrinkles of stress. And so the game of blame and shame begins like a dice roll.


Yet it is hard to remember that it was not that we were not enough, but it was our energy. It asks of others to step up and rise up to our level, but not everyone is willing to go where they can grow.


The world appears a blurry chaos. But we are not a mess, just deep feeling organisms who have learned to both cry and laugh and sometimes cry more often than laugh. It is just who are. There is nothing wrong with us. The old programming of the wounds that we have held on to in our cells. Our genetic karmic scars inherited from generations and those we have scooped up in this lifetime all fester in our emotions.


It is on healing these wounds that we shed off the skin of the past and unlock our potential. It is here that we permit ourselves to shine the light of our sacred soul into the world. To show everyone who we really are, and not the version of who they think we are based on their own perceptions and projections.


When we choose to no longer lie to ourselves, we no longer portray the distorted image of our essence. Now we allow ourselves to drop the burdens of self deceit and look at life through the lens of our hearts.


The light that it receives through this transparent heart and what radiates out in all directions is then pure and poised.


This journey begins with the desire to shift, the urgency to transform, and the choice to commune with the heart in order to find the light within. Because in this life, without this light, everything is just an illusion.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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