The biggest mistake we can make is by listening to the people who tell us to give up on our dreams by the same people who have given up on theirs. It is these times where we transform when our confidence is fueled by the belief of self instead of waiting for validation from others.


It is through letting people be wrong about us or a situation while still keeping our focus and goal on our chief aim which is the most misunderstood power move that we will ever make. It takes patience and full confidence in our self worth and presence.


It is wise to be careful who we let on our ship on our journey. Some people may try to sink that ship just because they cannot be the captain.




It takes a lot of courage to sit with our emotions and pain. Not jump into new agey BS and disassociate. Not get distracted, but simply sit and look deep into ourselves. THIS is where healing occurs.


It is noteworthy to recognize that we do not crawl through our own perception of brokenness to live a mediocre life.


It is time to shine


Remember your magic because you are magic.



I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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