I am quite sure that you have seen the controversial memes that have taken the internet by storm about the married female cop who had intimate relations with multiple male officers in her squadron. The meme world has clearly not been kind and made fun of her in every possible creative way just shy of complete degradation. The judgment is on her for what she did.


Yet here is another perspective. Anyone judging all the married male officers who were also involved in the consensual process or are the accusations always just one sided? Here in lies the problem with ourselves. We tend to see a one sided narrative that fits our biases, and tend to not turn away from that viewpoint.


This is how manipulation begins. When we are blamed for our reaction against their disrespect. Then we look for closure not realizing that closure occurred the moment they started treating us with disrespect.


Who knows what the scenario really was regarding her affairs, or her state of mind or those of her lovers. That is not just her choice but those who she was involved with. The last time I checked two play that game. Never forget that both parties share the “blame” yet if it was consensual then there is no blame. Just remember that condemning one person is not the complete story.


It is time for each of us to face our own demons and ask when we hear about this story and what she did and what happened, who is really guilty? When have each of us been dishonest in our relationships or had these thoughts? When have each of us had those sorts of desires whether we carried them out or not is a different story? When have each of us “cheated” in some other way at work or at home through other ways eg cheating when we did not tell the truth or cheated someone out of money.


We are reflections of each other.


We judge others indiscriminately because the judgement or accusation is the part of us that we are not willing to own within. This is a time to get serious with ourselves. The world is shifting and so is our level of consciousness. It calls for our up-leveling by having complete transparency. And that begins by us being self accountable not just for our deeds but to our words and thoughts.


It is hard not to judge, we do it because we are human, but that is no excuse. Instead it is an opportunity to grow and become divine, for in the transparency lies the untainted heart filled with loving light waiting to be unleashed.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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